Roland Birth Troy sells stool softener Do not trust your cats! Roy Peak survices a poop fight
Troy hangs out in his hideout with his girlfriend Living the rock-n-roll lifestyle Troy Lukkarila up close Do not trust the guy in the mirror! Hangin' with The Mads from MST 3000
Troy Lukkarila performs with the drunk fairy Troy Lukkarila jamming at a show Obey the chicken (Photo by Catina Jane) On the set of Exposures
Troy has more Elvis in him than even Mojo Nixon can stand Bad umbrella Troy Vs. Hitler A bad drawing of Troy
T.J. Lukalips is ready to please your woman Accidents tend to occur at Troy Lukkarila shows People obey the giant head of Troy Lukkarila Troy Lukkarila and Tanya Donelly
Fans pose with T.J. Lukalips Troy pissed off for losing a hand while playing with fireworks Stinky movie playing at Jacksonville's Sun-Ray Cinema A little accident on the tracks